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  • Craig Ballard


Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Hey there, website warriors! Planning for an epic year ahead with your marketing budget? Time to spice things up and see if a website makeover is in the cards for you in 2021! Here are some telltale signs that'll have you nodding, "Oh yeah, it's redesign time!"

  1. Outdated Look Alert! 🕺 Remember shoulder pads and hammer pants? Well, just like those fashion fails, an old-school website design ain't gonna cut it! If your site's vibe doesn't scream "cool" by today's standards, it's makeover o'clock!

  2. Mobile Malfunction 😱 Don't let your website be the party pooper! Mobile users are taking over the dance floor, so make sure your site looks dazzling and dances smoothly on all devices, especially mobiles! 📱💃

  3. Bounce Buster 💔 Is your website like a confusing maze? 🤷‍♂️ Don't let visitors bounce off faster than a rubber ball! If they can't find their way around, hit the reset button with a kickass redesign that'll guide them like a GPS!

  4. Conversion Craziness 📈 Let's get those conversions rocking! If your website isn't turning heads, capturing leads, or closing deals, it's time for a sizzling makeover to make the cash register ring! 💸💥

  5. Speed Freakin' Matters! ⚡️ Slow websites are so last-century! Don't leave your audience tapping their feet impatiently. Speed things up, and watch your user satisfaction soar to the skies! 😎

  6. SEO SOS 🆘 Can't crack the search engine code? It's time to unleash the power of a modern website design, sprinkled with fresh content magic to win the SEO game! 🌐🔍

  7. Content Catastrophe 📚🔥 No one likes a wall of text or a messy party! Organize that content fiesta, and create a user-friendly extravaganza that keeps 'em coming back for more! 🎊📋

  8. Bad Vibes, No Thrives! 😢 If your customers aren't feeling the love, it's time to listen up! Make them swoon with a website that treats them like VIPs, and watch the positive vibes multiply! 💖💌

  9. Outdated Identity Crisis 🚀 Your brand's evolved, but has your website? Give it a makeover that screams, "This is who we are NOW!" Get ready to wow with your new online persona! 🚀🤩

  10. Platform Party Pooper 🎪🙅‍♀️ Ready to level up? If your current platform is holding you back, break free and join the party of modern solutions that match your grand vision for the future! 🎉💡

Alright, website warriors, these signs don't lie! It's time to unleash the website rockstar within you and transform your digital playground into an electrifying experience! Get ready to wow the world with your epic website redesign! 🚀🎸

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